Gianpiero was only 12 when his father (engineer, martial art teacher and tango lover) involved him in a free project for youngster to approach tango. At 15 he fell in love with tango during his first trip to Buenos Aires and since then he’s been studying with all the major Maestros. His teaching and performing career began the following year in Italy and abroad, and by the time Gianpiero was 18, he realized that he wanted to dedicate his life to tango. Since then, he has travelled and performed with great dancers such as Mila Vigdorova, Corina Herrera, Cesira Miceli and Nadia Hronidu. Before partnering Lorena, Gianpiero created an internationally acclaimed flourishing dialogue and a refined lasting project with Maria Filiali. Tango and his pedagogy are strictly connected to his studies of music, engineering and bio-mechanic as “a simple and efficient technique, based on natural laws and aware listening, as the key to free the real and intimate spirit of tango”. During more than a decade, he has been developing a thorough didactic and intriguing training method. Moreover, in order to deepen his research, he also graduated in Motor and Sports Activities and Psychomotor Education Science with a dissertation on Functional Training Method for Tango; and in 2019 he became trainer of Gyrotonic method.

Lorena has been studying dance and ballet since she was five years old, and at 17 she met Tango thanks to Gianpiero Galdi. She became passionate about the didactic and the care that is dedicated to the delicate psyche of the amateurs of this complex art. Under Gianpiero’s guidance, she undertook her professional path. Meanwhile, she enrolled in a Bachelor Degree in Motor and Sports Activities and Psychomotor Education Science at University of Salerno, in order to deepen her knowledge about motor control and learning, body awareness and pedagogy. In 2015 she begins studying, teaching, performing and traveling in partnership with Giovanni Cocomero, with whom she collaborated in many projects led by Gianpiero as: Gtango School, the cradle of Tango in Salerno; High School Tangotherapy Project, in high dropout rate schools, teaching teenagers values of social relationships through Tango; Tango at University of Salerno, for getting youngsters acquainted into Tango; Tangere company, the group within they train, research, work, teach and perform. In fact, Tangere Company created its latest show “Cammino Ascolto Tango”. In 2019 she became a trainer of Gyrokinesis method.

In 2018, Gianpiero and Lorena began their partnership, working everyday on the flow of tango connection, based on their deep mutual understanding as people, friends and dancers. They are moved by the research on the analysis of an always more precise and effective didactic method, later just called the Method, and its procedures, with the aim of providing the expressive Art of Tango of a sharp, accurate but also meaningful, deep and truthful tool of communication.


Marianna and Vaggelis are dancers of Tango Argentino since 2004, and couple in tango and life since 2009.

They have their own tango school, the “Academia del Tango” in Athens, Greece since September 2011. They were awarded European Champions in the category of Tango Salon in 2013, having already conquered 2nd place in Europe in 2012 and 1st place in Greece in 2011 at the same category. After that, they are finalists of the Mundial de Tango several years.

Vaggelis and Marianna have been part of the tango company of Natalia Hills “Tangueros del Sur” and the greek tango company “Tango en Eros” dancing at the most important theaters of Greece.

They are often invited worldwide to give seminars and shows at various events, milongas and festivals (such as TanGo to Istanbul Festival, Tango Follies Festival, Tango Emotion Festival, Oktober Pest Tango Festival, AniverTango Festival, Taipei Tango Festival, Auroville Holi Tango Festival, Cyprus Tango Festival, Tango Lovers Festival, Unchained Tango Festival, Todos Tango Festival, Syros Tango Festival, Kalamata Tango Festival and others) all around the world, such as Argentina, India, Taiwan, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus and others.

Marianna and Vaggelis are known for their clarity and insight in the technical aspects of Tango, as well as for the sensibility they bring out as a couple and for the positive energy they pass on, in their shows and classes.

Their main maestros are Silvio La Via and Leandro Oliver & Laila Rezk, while they have attended classes from Sebastian Arce & Marianna Montes, Gabriel Misse, Natalia Hills & Alejandro Aquino, Julio Balmaceda & Corina De La Rosa, Gabriel Angio & Natalia Gamez, Sebastian Jimenez & Maria Ines Bogado, Sebastian Achaval & Roxanna Suarez, Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa and many others.


Antonella was born in Mendoza-Argentina and comes from a family of artists. Her love for dancing started when she was 5 years old, and during her childhood she studied many disciplines like ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, aerial dance, Argentinean folk dances, musical comedy and Tango Escenario and Salon.  She worked in national festivals as a choreographer, directing more than 500 dancers on stage for an audience of more than 30.000 people.  She participated in tours with tango companies and gave followers’ workshops all over Europe.

Antonella has worked regularly with Sebastian Arce, Santiago Castro, and right now is partnering Fernando Galera and Csongor Kicsi.  Her family gave her a strong idea about the qualities of the “perfect dancer” – it was to be complete, to know and learn different disciplines, and to grow as an artist and not just as a dancer.  Being a ‘complete’ dancer is important for Antonella; she focuses on how we can use the body in a healthy way, and in her classes she uses different techniques as a tool to teach different types of students.  Her students know her as a very exigent teacher but also as a playfull person.  She is well known for being clear and precise, and despite her technical background she tries to make simple examples.

She has lived in Italy for 5 years and then for a half year in Moscow to teach with Sebastian Arce in his Academy.  Antonella has worked on professional preparation for couples that participate in championships, such us the European or World championship.  Nowadays Antonella lives in Budapest, Hungary where she has regular classes in her own school “Tango House”.  She is one of the maestros of, the online tango school with high tango education where you find classes from few of the best maestros in the world.


We are thrilled to have Katy and Stas as our invited teachers and performers yet another year!! A truly young couple in Argentine Tango, Stas and Katy began studying the dance together under maestro Sebastian Arce in 2012. Over the years, they also enjoyed the guidance of Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero and Juan Carlos Copes and Joana Copes, and currently work with Ivan Terrazas and Sara Grdan.  In addition to their talent and dedication to learning and practice, their meteoric rise in the world of argentine tango is also due to their enormous prior experience in a variety of dances – besides having professional experience in ballroom, latin and hustle dance, they are also trained dance and movement pedagogues with impressive teaching skills. In addition to teaching and performing, Stas and Katy have taken part in multiple competitions over the years and received the titles of the Champions of Russia, medalists of the European Championship, and finalists in the World Tango Championship in both tango de pista and tango escenario. Their style is defined by quality of movement, power, ease, control, musicality and the ability to express a variety of style choices and emotions. Watching them dance is a thing of beauty!