What separates tango from other social dances is the complexity of improvisation and musicality while connecting with a wide variety of known and new partners. Though popular in some circles, traditional tango competitions do not put a premium on these very specific skills… So we decided to change this and to spice things up a bit at Adventango! We proudly present to you CONTRAPUNTO, the first tango game ever!


What is Contrapunto, you ask? It’s a whole new fun way to enjoy tango! Imagine all of the best things about dance competitions –  the excitement, the anticipation, the fun dancing, sense of comradery; but all in a way which is much more closely linked to the real experience of social dance than what you would see in a traditional tango competition. What does that mean? That means that in our Contrapunto game, you register and are evaluated individually, not with a partner. It also means that partners are randomly chosen, and you will dance with 5 different people per round. Contrapunto judges are not evaluating dancers based on their style but rather on the following criteria – musicality, connection with partner, quality and versatility of movement, across different partners. This means that you are encouraged to connect to each person you are dancing with, and be free to express yourself in whichever way you choose to dance! Finally, those who make it to the final also evaluate their partners anonymously by ranking them – so the final score includes not only the outside perception, but also the feeling from inside the embrace!

Enter Contrapunto to have fun, enjoy, and meet new people. And of course, win some pretty cool prizes too!! And if you are not sure, just ask our last year’s contestants!! 

When and where

The Contrapunto competition will take place on Saturday and Sunday at the main event venue, Hrvatski Glazbeni Zavod. Participants should report to the Contrapunto desk by 18:15 on Saturday, and Contrapunto will start at 18:30. On Sunday, the top 3 leaders and followers from each category will perform at the day milonga. The performance will take place at 18:30.


2 Divisions: Novato for those with less than 3 years of dance experience, and Veterano for those with more than 3 years. NO PRIOR COMPETITION EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY – JUST AN OPEN MIND AND A DESIRE TO HAVE FUN!!!

No Partner Necessary: you will be evaluated individually – any gender can dance in either role, but not in both!! No switching roles during or between rounds!!

Minimum of 10 leaders and followers: In order for the competition to take place in each category, we require 10 leaders and 10 followers to be registered in that category. Otherwise we will combine the categories!! 

5 rotations each round: you will dance 5 songs each round, including 3 tangos and 1 milonga and 1 vals, each with a different randomly chosen partner.

Scoring: Will be done by the judges using a ranking system, and in the final round, the 10 finalists will also anonymously rank their 5 partners. The judges will evaluate the couples on connection, musicality, quality and versatility of movement. So dance your own style!!!


Sign up for Contrapunto on our website when you register for the festival.  Registration is open to all those who preregister for at least 2 milongas. Registration at the registration desk will be limited by availability, so please pre-register. Registration contribution is 20€.


Each winner of each category will receive a cash prize of 200e, the second and third place contestants will receive full passes to international tango festivals, and the 4th and 5th placed contestants will win free workshop classes at major international tango festivals. The top three participants will also perform at the Sunday day milonga. Register, have fun, and enjoy our great prizes!!!