Festivals offer incredible opportunities to learn from world class teachers – it is a chance to be inspired and motivated, and maybe even experience a shift in the understanding of your dance! In order to meet the needs of dancers with various interests, we will offer 14 90 min workshops, including 3 progressive follower technique classes which can also be taken as a seminar.


In order to help you decide which workshops to take, we have arranged them under SOCIAL DANCE, TECHNIQUE, and MUSICALITY topics. Workshops in each of these topics will help you improve your dance, and give you insight into each of the couples different ideas and styles. Stick with a topic, or choose different workshops among them all! In either case you will be richer for knowledge and experience, and maybe even a new friend or two!


TOE-to-TOE:  Often times we watch a couple dance, but very rarely have the opportunity to actually understand the choices they make while dancing. This very special masterclass with Lorena & Gianpiero and Marianna & Vaggelis will give us as the audience the chance to watch two different couples dance the same two songs back to back, and then allow us to ask them questions in a forum-like setting. The couples will only choose the orchestras, with the DJ picking the songs (so we know it is improvised), and besides answering our questions, the couples will prepare a 15 minute exercise each to showcase a concept or idea important to their dance. Come watch our couples go Toe-to-Toe, and ask them all your burning questions! Musicality, technique, thoughts about tango, their backgrounds – it is all on the table! We are excited to introduce this new format to AdvenTango, and since we want to see all of you participate, masterclass fee is only 7 euro!


FOLLOWER TECHNIQUE  – the amazing ANTONELLA TERRAZAS will teach progressive follower technique workshops focused on essentials for women. The 3 distinct parts will focus on: posture, balance and walk; turning technique; and embellishments for social dance. We recommend that followers consider taking these workshops in seminar format to derive the most benefit from Antonella’s clear and precise teaching. The seminar will be limited to 30 followers so that there is a space for individual attention and correction. 

Friday 6th December

14:30 – 16:00 TBD SOCIAL DANCE: Useful Steps for the Social Dance INT Vaggelis & Marianna
TBD TECHNIQUE: Comfortable, Effective Embrace ALL Gianpiero & Lorena
16:15 – 17:45 TBD TECHNIQUE: Understand the systems, understand the dance! ALL Katy & Stas
TBD FOLLOWER TECHNIQUE I: Walking technique, footwork and posture ALL Antonella
18:00 – 19:45 HGZ MASTERCLASS: Toe-to-Toe and public forum ALL Gianpiero & Lorena Vaggelis & Marianna
20:00 – 21:00 HGZ Free Introduction Class Basic Tangoneo school

Saturday 7th December

13:00 – 14:30 TBD SOCIAL DANCE: Changes in directions in close embrace INT/ADV Stas & Katy
TBD FOLLOWER TECHNIQUE II: From ochos to boleos: working with spirals ALL Antonella
14:45 – 16:15 TBD SOCIAL DANCE: Surprise and please your partner, dance “out of the box”! INT Vaggelis & Marianna
TBD MUSICALITY: Musicality in motion – ideas to interpret as we listen ALL Gianpiero & Lorena
16:30 – 18:00 TBD MUSICALITY: Milonga!!! INT Stas & Katy
TBD TECHNIQUE: Flow & connection, density timing and embrace ADV Gianpiero & Lorena

Sunday 8th December

13:00 – 14:30 TBD TECHNIQUE: Circular dynamics in volcadas & colgadas ADV Katy & Stas
TBD SOCIAL DANCE: Timings and body awareness in ochos & giros INT Gianpiero & Lorena
14:45 – 16:15 TBD TECHNIQUE: How’s and why’s of giros ALL Stas & Katy
TBD MUSICALITY: Valz!!!! ALL Vaggelis & Marianna
16:30 – 18:00 TBD MUSICALITY: Rhythm, Structure and Orchestras ALL Vaggelis & Marianna
TBD FOLLOWER TECHNIQUE III: Embellishments and musicality ALL Antonella
19:30 – 20:30 HGZ Free Introduction Class Basic Tango Zagreb School